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Introduction of Large Hydraulic Excavator PC2000-8

. Thursday, March 12, 2009


Untuk yang belum mengenal PC2000-8 Komatsu ,berikut ini ada sedikit product knowledge yang mungkin bisa bermanfaat buat rekan-rekan semua,tapi untuk rekan-rekan di BUMA ( MBM ) Lati sana hal ini tentunya sudah tidak asing lagi,karena disana sudah ada beberapa unit yang beroperasi.Barangkali rekan-rekan dari BUMA mau share disini mengenai performance alat tersebut,silahkan tuliskan di kolom komentar dibawah artikel ini.Salam – AJI.

PC2000-8 In Action

1. Introduction
Since the PC1600 was introduced into the market in 1988,Komatsu’s large hydraulic excavators  have  been in active service at  mines, quarries and large earth  moving sites
throughout the world.  Quality improvements have been incorporated in them  using the experiences  gained at these sites, fostering them as stable products.Nevertheless, their basic performance had not been changed and an enhancement has been necessitated in their product power, which has relatively lowered in the face of changing of models made in competitor machines.


The engine installed in them did not comply with the new exhausted gas regulations of Japan, the United States and Europe and installation of a new engine has been demanded.

Against such a background, a full changing of models has been made and “Dantotsu” quality has been incorporated to drastically upgrade the product capability as outlined below.

2. Aim of Development
The hydraulic excavators of this class are mainly engaged in digging and loading work at mines, quarries and large earth  moving  sites.    In Japan, there was large demand in 2000 and 2001 in connection with the construction works related to the Kansai International Airport.The number of large hydraulic excavators of this class sold outside of Japan is steadily increasing reflecting the rapid increase in the global  demand for resources.  This trend is anticipated to continue further.




As dump trucks to be combined, the optimum combination is the HD785  class, which has the largest number of units operating in the world.“Dantotsu” (Environment, safety and IT) + Economy
(1) Low fuel consumption
(2) Clean engine and low noise
(3) Safety design and comfortable cab
(4) Large  monitor display and  VHMS (Vehicle Health Monitoring System)


3. Principal Features
3.1  “Economy” - Low fuel consumption
1)  Accomplishment means and effects Through a reduction in hydraulic pressure losses achieved by using new technologies, the PC2000-8 economizes fuel consumption by about 10% in the E0 mode  compared with PC1800-6.  (Fig. 2, Fig. 3)


Fuel Cons PC2000-8


2)  On-demand power drive system
A mere reduction in hydraulic pressure losses is consumed by the work rate and fuel consumption itself is not reduced.The newly developed engine  control system curbs engine output proportional to the reduction in addition by a reduction in hydraulic pressure losses, thereby reducing fuel consumption.The PC2000-8 uses more than one engine curve in accordance with the operation pattern to use different matching points and accomplishes low fuel consumption.    (Fig. 4)


Matching PC2000-8

3)  Reduction in hydraulic pressure losses by swing priority system
The independent swing hydraulic system has been changed to the swing priority hydraulic system and losses are reduced by utilizing swing acceleration relief losses during boom raising  and combined operation to  boom raising. (Figs. 5 and 6)


fig 5 dan 6

4)  Effective utilization of engine output by electronically controlled variable speed fan

The cooling fan rotational speed is optimally controlled in accordance with the temperatures of cooling water and hydraulic oil.    When the temperature of hydraulic oil is lowthe fan rotational speed is curbed to a low rotational speed lowering the horsepower to drive the fan and prevent wasteful fuel consumption.    (Fig. 7)


Temp fan

3.2  “Environment” - Clean  engine and low noise
1) SAA12V140 engine
(1) Tier-2 exhausted gas regulation of US EPA met The PC2000-8 is installed with an SAA12V140E-3 engine.The engine is the 12V140 engine that has been proven viable through its performance in HD785, D475A and models installed with an electronically controlled high-pressure fuel injection system, to meet the Tier-2 exhausted gas regulation
of the US EPA and to enhance fuel consumption, noise reduction and other engine performance. (Fig. 8)

(2) Fewer parts through large equipment size and simple structure




The time required for checking and maintenance servicing is reduced by installing only  one engine, by enlarging the hydraulic pump and by simplifying the hydraulic circuits. A drastic reduction in the number of parts has reduced the work-hours required for overhaul servicing, greatly contributing to cost reduction.    (Fig. 9)



2) Low noise
Noise reduced  by 8dB (A) compared with existing  machines through the following means
(1) Noise source sealed by a power container
(2) Noise absorption braid installed in air intake and exhaust ports
(3) Fan rotational speed electronically controlled
(4) A large hybrid fan installed


3.3  “Safety” - Safety design and comfortable cab
1) Safety design
Thorough consideration is given to safety.  The global safety design meets the safety standards of Japan, the United States and Europe.The most stringent safety standards in the world are met entirely.
2) Comfortable cab
(1) Large cab special for mining excavators
A high-rigidity cab with a frame  structure that integrates the floor has been developed, featuring excellent visibility,quietness and comfortability.    The features include a roomy space allowing several  adults  to enter, an operator seat  and space around it providing ample room even for a physically large operator, and an upgraded assistant operator seat with a retractable seat belt installed as a standard provision.The rear storage compartment contains a first-aid kit box,a fire extinguisher is provided near the entrance and all windows have Roll-up blinds as a standard provision.The control panel contains a large 7” liquid crystal monitor as a standard provision.

3.4  “IT” - Large monitor and VHMS
1)  Large, easy-to-see-and-use 7” monitor TFT (thin film transistor) liquid crystal monitor
A large, easy-to-see-and-use 7” monitor TFT liquid crystal monitor is installed as a standard provision for safe, correct and smooth operation.    A high resolution panel that is not affected by the viewing angle or brightness greatly enhances the visibility.    The switches have a simple design and are extremely easy to operate, allowing one-touch operation of a power change or a lift force change.    The function switches ensure easy operation of multiple functions.    (Fig. 15)


Panel PC2000-8

2)  Vehicle Health Monitoring System (VHMS) greatly cuts vehicle maintenance cost
VHMS monitors the operation statuses of the vehicle and major components real time and displays temperatures,pressures, rotational speeds and other parameters on the multi-monitor  display.   Correct  maintenance servicing of the vehicle through the  multi-monitor display shortens the vehicle  maintenance time.   This, coupled with a failure diagnosis function through the storage of past data required for field service personnel, shortens the time needed for servicing.

4. Conclusion
Beginning with the change from dual  engines to a single engine, new technologies have been incorporated with almost all equipment and components installed in the machine such as PTO (Power Take-Off), cooling system, fuel tank structure, reinforced undercarriage, operator cab for mining operations, power container, hydraulic equipment and electronic control system and bucket.    The new model has been developed with a great zeal for completeness so that new changing of models will become unnecessary in the next ten years.Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since the PC1500-1 was introduced into the market in 1982 as the world’s first construction machinery installed with a micro computer like D555.  The capacity of Komatsu’s largest hydraulic excavator PC400 at that time has been increased as much as four times during this period.    The development team did its best, but undue strains on the machines had been caused, creating many problems for the users and dealers.


Against this backdrop, the PC-1600-1 was developed with the determination to re-win the confidence of the users  and dealers.    The machine received a high reputation in mining and other applications.    Since then, modification continued until PC-1800-6 without changing the basic specification.Exhausted gas regulations, however, necessitated another change in the basic specification and the PC-2000-8 has been completed as a changing of models to meet the latest regulation requirements.


Sumber : Komatsu Technical Report – Product Intro.


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