Monday, February 16, 2009

Komatsu’s Tier 3 Engine Technology

. Monday, February 16, 2009

Innovative Engine Technologies for Construction & Mining Equipment


Tier III / EU stage IIIA regulations aim to slash NOx emissions in a big way. But if you lower combustion temperatures to try to do that, you also raise emissions of particulate matter and jack up fuel consumption.

KOMATSU’s innovations have reduced NOx and soot – while boosting fuel economy at the same time! We are using “total vehicle control” to improve performance using the best combination of our advanced technologies.


Key Technology-1



Electronic Control System


Komatsu's electronic control system uses a comprehensive set of sensors to optimize vehicle performance to meet the varying needs of operation. This system reduces environmental impact: cutting emissions of particulate matter and NOx, enhancing fuel economy and reducing noise. It also offers better performance in severe environmental conditions, including high altitudes, and extremely high and low temperatures.


Key Technology-2



Heavy Duty HPCR System


In this system, a high-pressure pump is used to pump fuel into an accumulator chamber – the so-called "common rail" in the common rail system. From there, the fuel is injected in the engine cylinders with injection optimized by an ECU (electronic control unit). In order to achieve both reduced emissions and high performance, the Heavy Duty HPCR optimizes control of multiple injection volumes ensuring maximum high-pressure performance. It also maximizes combustionÑwhich in turn reduces the production of PM. So, engine power is up; noise is down.


Key Technology-3



Heavy Duty Cooled EGR System


This system returns some of the low-oxygen exhaust gas to the cylinders, which helps prevent nitrogen and oxygen from bonding during combustion and has the effect of reducing the production of NOx. The Komatsu Heavy Duty Cooled EGR system has been especially designed for high performance under the most demanding conditions.The twin valves use Komatsu's own highly durable hydraulic drives.
By using "EGR gas" more effectively to meet the high-pressure requirements of construction & mining equipment, this system reduces NOx emissions and improves fuel efficiency at the same time. And the structure of the cooling unit of this system has been designed to enhance the efficiency of cooling by lowering thermal stress. In addition, the EGR cooler is made from special materials for better corrosion-resistance. These features make the system more reliable and durable, so as to meet the needs under the harshest conditions.


Key Technology-4



New Combustion System


The shape of the combustion chamber has been specially configured on the basis of computer simulations and analyses. Our New Combustion System optimizes combustion timing and ignition – reducing NOx and PM, improving fuel consumption, and cutting noise – all at the same time.


Key Technology-5



Air to Air Charge Air Cooling System


Komatsu uses a turbocharger to feed the engine cylinders with the larger volumes of air necessary to improve combustion efficiency, lower emissions, and enable higher engine power. However, compression generates heat, so we also use a high performance hydraulic cooling fan to cool the air to an optimum temperature and optimize air supply. This contributes to reducing NOx and fuel consumption.

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