Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Terminology at Hitachi Excavator

. Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Engine drives pumps through engine transmission.Here, mechanical energy from the engine isconverted into hydraulic energy.

Radiator maintains engine coolant at adequate temperature.

Hydraulic pump is the heart of the hydraulic system to deliver the oil flow to all circuits.


Control valve regulates the pressure, flow rate and direction of the oil flow in the hydraulic system.


Hydraulic oil filter catches and eliminates contaminants from the oil.

Swing mechanism functions to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy when the oil is fed into the swing motor from the pump. As a result, the swing motor runs to swing the superstructure.

Swing circle supports and turns the superstructure smoothly.

Center joint is one type of rotary joints, located at the center of the machine, to connect the hydraulic line on the superstructure to the traction device on the travel mechanism.


Traction device consists of hydraulic motors,reduction gears and sprockets. Left and right side frames are each provided with one traction device,thus allowing back-and-forth movement, pivot turn and counter-rotation turn. On most Hitachi hydraulic excavators, the swing and travel mechanisms are provided with planetary reduction gears. Planetary reduction gear features compact and larger reduction ratio, compared with spur gear.


Rollers are employed for smooth travel.

Track adjuster adjusts the tension of the track link in such a manner as to move the front idler back or forth by greasing.

Control levers are shifted to regulate the control valve spools.

Instrument panel is strategically arranged for maximum operator efficiency.

Hydraulic oil cooler maintains the oil at adequate temperature.

Hydraulic tank serves as both a reservoir and an oil conditioner.

Fuel tank reserves fuel.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.
FYI, i have one old excavator UH081, we faced problem with it where it went underpowered.It happen during work where for example the movement of bucket and arm only strong at one site.same goes to the track.When we retrieve, the engine sound like it underpower.May you suggest what is the real problem.i have tried to find the manual guideline for troubleshooting via internet but fail.TQ

AJI said...

Hi mate...thank for visited my blog..actually i don't have any experience with others excavator except komatsu,but i think,it will be no different...at komatsu if appear problem like you've explained above,you must be check engine first,you have to make sure engine rpm at rated speed in good condition,if engine OK...next you have check hydraulic system.First check pressure compensation valve for internal leaks,if it happen,while you try to carry out this machine for compound operation, work equipment with larger load will moves slowly.About engine underpowered..i think main cause for this problem is valve for control engine horse power and pump flow rate not works properly,so you have to check control pressure first and then check flow rate of pump.

hydraulic control valves said...

Thanks for sharing the definition of interesting terms.

AJI said...

You're welcome mate...! Cheers...AJI

Anonymous said...

mainpump head??

industrial equipment said...

Valves vary from the extremely basic to the extraordinarily complex, and they are one of the oldest mechanical designs. Thanks for sharing great information, Hope to hear more updates from you ...

Anonymous said...

so sorry max U given people in language english speak we hove U must make indonesia language.

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